Do You Know Your Dog Actually Helps You Live Longer

Dogs are none less than a blessing. Statistics have shown that people who own Fido probably live longer than people who don’t. Dogs build an emotional connection with their parents in no time that helps in reducing emotional and mental health issues. While on the other hand, owning these creatures bring a complete change in your routine that promotes health. Let’s explore in detail few reasons how your dog helps you to live a happy, healthy and extended life.

Active Lifestyle:

Dogs are super active animals that will probably get you moving. Whether it is cuddling, running, chasing or jogging they keep you physically engaged. Before owning my two puppies I used to go out less but now they keep me moving and I am forced to take them out every day that results in increased physical activity and increased immune system that keeps me away from different ailments. In addition to this, performing their daily tasks such as feeding your Fido, giving them a bath or looking after them keeps my butt off the couch. All these activities also helped me to get in shape that has boosted my self-esteem.

Helps You In Increasing Your Social Circle:

Dogs are not just a super active animal but they are also super friendly. List of happiest and loving animal is incomplete without adding dog’s name. Sometimes dog behaves funny and performs eye-catching tricks that can make anyone fall in love with them. Similarly, taking your dog out for a walk or jog helps you socialize with other dog parents. Meeting new people and socializing decreases depression improves your mental health and decreases the risk of dementia.

Other Health Benefits:

Dogs have a positive effect on human’s immune system. Owning a dog can affect their parent’s microbiome. Even dogs saliva has immune boosting properties. Therefore, Kids who grow up with dogs are less prone to breathing problems such as asthma or other allergies. In addition to this, dogs bring diverse bacteria to the house that decreases the other bacteria that already exists. Staying active reduces cholesterol level and promotes heart health.

Mental Health Benefits:

Your little furry companion becomes a part of your family with no time and they prove to be one of the best companions. Four footer gets attuned to your behavior and feelings that they can even sense your mood and try to make efforts to make you happy. In addition to this, your dog even becomes a lean ear for you in times of depression. You can speak your heart out in front of him without any fear. Furthermore, your dog completely depends on you that bring a sense of responsibility in addition to the realization of self-worth.

Seeing your dog waiting for you anxiously when you are coming back home from a tiring day elevates mood within seconds. Snuggling with your dog regulates blood pressure that reduces stress hormones and it also promotes the development of love hormones oxytocin that further promotes the feeling of love and decreases anxiety or fear.

Author Bio: Wendy is a self-employed beauty therapist, mother of two; lifelong pet parent and lover of dogs who somehow manages to squeeze in the time to satisfy another of her loves – writing. Wendy is the founder, main contributor to and editor of

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