Top 5 Tips For The Groom To Prep For Wedding

When we think about health, beauty, and weddings, our minds tend to gravitate toward the bride. However, the groom needs to look and feel his best too, so we are bringing you five tips to help the groom best prepare for his wedding day.

Start hitting the gym:

According to experts, three or more sessions per week of exercise for 45 to 60 minutes per session can help improve your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. During the months leading up to the wedding, planning can get very overwhelming, so it’s best to start a workout routine as soon as you pop the question. Plus, if you want to slim down or tone up, that’s just a plus to all of the mental benefits!


Begin a skincare routine:

Taking care of your skin is something everyone should do if you want to have a healthy, youthful looking face. If you don’t already have a routine you love, don’t be afraid to start because it is very simple. For men, all you need to do is wash and moisturize your face day and night. If you shave use a new razor and quality shaving accessories to help get a close, clean shave. By using an old, dull razor and creams with irritating ingredients, you can harm your skin by causing nicks, scarring or rashes. That will not offer a good wedding day look!

Cut and Style Your Hair:

As the groom, a huge part of your overall look on your wedding day will be your hair. Luckily, you probably don’t have to worry about hiring someone to style your hair that day, but that means you also don’t have all of the bells and whistles of a gorgeous dress and professional make-up to distract from a bad ‘do. So it’s imperative to think about the style a little bit before the wedding day. Head to your barber a few months before the big day and ask for tips on the best cut to complement your face shape and personal style. This is also a great time to ask them for the best products for your length and texture of hair. By the time the wedding is here, you will be able to style your hair perfectly in minutes!


Tackle Your Brows and Nails:

These may seem like small, tedious details but they make a huge difference, you will have plenty of up-close photos of both your face and hands from the big day. We recently posted an article on the best way to trim your brows at home that will make it a quick and easy task that can be done the day of your wedding. When it comes to a DIY manicure, look no further than YouTube – there are endless videos on how to best take care of your hands, However, if you’re too intimidated by grooming your brows or hands, then feel free to head to a professional, almost all salons these days servicemen as well!

Whiten Your Teeth:

You will be smiling a lot on your wedding day! Marrying the love of your life, greeting guests and smiling for photos that will last a lifetime, you want to make sure your smile is bright and white. At your next dental cleaning, ask your hygienist for the best whitening options for your teeth. This could be a professional whitening, a toothpaste switch, or using whitening strips. However, there are also plenty of at-home remedies to help whiten your teeth that are natural and less abrasive than traditional whitening.

Remember that prepping yourself for the wedding doesn’t have to be complicated or add a ton of planning to your plate. With these 5 easy tips, you can be on your way to feeling like a million bucks for your wedding day!

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