13 Easy and Effective Time Management Tips

How often you feel that you don’t have enough time? You really want to do something but at the end of the day, you are usually exhausted? you are putting backbreaking work yet not getting any significant results or results are not doing justice with the hard work you put on. You keep putting tasks off and procrastinate a lot. Then, my dear, this is nothing but the lack of time management.

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5 Easy-to-Forget Details Your Wedding Planner Can Help You With (Guest Post)

Preparing for a wedding is probably the most exciting part of a couple’s journey towards married life. However, it can also be quite challenging, especially without the help of professional wedding planners.

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Why Indian Brides are Depressed Post-marriage?

She believes in couple love, equality and speaking up her mind. But, Her husband’s family is completely different. This is the story of raj and sejal or you can say the story of most of the married women of this generation.

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