9 Psychological Tricks to be The Most Charming Person in The Room

Some people are like human magnets. They are so attractive and charming hence it becomes impossible to resist or ignore them. They can impress anyone and create a positive impact on themselves. Their presence is enough to lit up the party. You can never get bored when they are around.

Ever wonder what makes them stand out of the crowd?

Jeff Haden, author and speaker explains simple personality traits that charming people have. So let’s dive in:

They are not Afraid to Loose:

You can not win all the time. your job is to do the best you can and some people know this ultimate truth. They work hard in the right direction and wait for the result. If they fail they are not afraid to admit the mistake and this is what not everyone can do. They take responsibility and work again to make things right. they do not justify their mistake by blaming others or the situations. They take responsibility of what went wrong, learn from their mistakes and move on. This incredible quality them different from the crowd.

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They Show Genuine Emotions:

They know people appreciate honesty and real emotions. They Maintain eye contact, they smile, they respond when you talk. this is vital in any conversation and people who have charisma know this secret. They show interest and pay attention to all your words. They focus on what are you saying and listen to you. It helps them to connect with the person they are interacting with.

They Look for Mutual Understanding:

Most people only listen to respond. In the result they consciously look for contradiction and disagreement, which can lead to a dispute rather than a conversation. Charismatic people always seek common ground with everybody hence they become more attractive to others.
Simply try to listen the other person and try to understand their perspective. try to find something common with another person and it will help you to start the conversation and create a positive compassion.

They use the power of touch:

If you want to congratulate someone shakes hands or tap on the back. It will leave a great impact in comparison to just saying congratulation verbally.
This will show how sincere your words are. Express the right feeling at the right time by using the power of touch and gain the trust of others.

They know how to use facial expression and gesture:

Charming people express their feeling incredibly well and accurately. They can turn even the most boring story into an enthralling conversation by gestures and facial expressions. They show the right mood for their story which help others to connect with the story.
This trick help them to genuinely kindle the interest of other people.

They are not Afraid to Look Silly:

They are not afraid to try new things. They are not afraid to be awkward.
If you are not afraid to show your weakness and not afraid to look silly people will not laugh at you they laugh with you. And people respect even more for this. Everyone knows that no one is perfect.

They are Good at Asking Questions:

They can make you talk about yourself easily. They don’t hesitate to ask questions and they talk openly about themselves as well.
They genuinely want to know about your thoughts and beliefs. they make genuine efforts to connect with you and that’s what makes them trustworthy.
As soon as you find out something about a person ask them more questions and tell them similar things about yourself.
When you have something in common then it becomes easy to lead a conversation.


They Always Remember Names:

They always remember names and other small details about people they meet. When someone remembers your name even when you have known each other for a while or you have just met once, it makes you feel good and important.

They Listen More and Talk Less:

Most people don’t like to listen they just want to talk about themselves.
Most people can listen to it all but they love to talk about themselves as well.
Everyone wants to share their own thoughts. there’s nothing wrong in it but let’s admit its nice feeling when you tell your story and notice everyone is listening to you carefully and reacting emotionally.
Charming people know how to listen. They don’t just hear, they try to connect with people.
Next time when you are talking to someone about their problems. listen to them and understand their situation. Trust me, they will never forget you.


Do you agree with these points? Which quality do you find more interesting? Let’s talk in the comment section below.

If you know some who have these qualities. Share this article with them and tell them how amazing they are.

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