Problems are The Only Constant in Life

Yes, you heard it right. Problems are the only constant in life. Happiness comes from solving problems. We all want a problem free happy life but the truth is problems will never end. It will be great if we accept the truth and Don’t hope for a life without problems. There is no such thing. Instead of hope for a life with better problems. Problems that are worth suffering for.

Life is an endless series of problems. The solution of one problem can be the creation of the next one.

The real problem is everyone wants to be happy but no one wants to works for it.
Everyone wants to eat fruit but no one wants to plant a tree, nurture a tree. Everyone wishes for the consequences without taking care of the procedure.

Human beings are designed to live with a certain degree of dissatisfaction. we will never be satisfied. You know why?
Because lacking something inspires us to change that situation. Inspire us to work hard to survive and innovate new things.

No one is satisfied in this world no matter what they have. Everyone wants what they don’t have. And this constant dissatisfaction keeps us fighting, building, and conquering.

Hence the pain and problems are not bad, they keep us driving toward better.

Pain is the mechanism that drags our attention towards anything that is not right. it indicated us towards things that need our attention.
Pain is a sign of what’s wrong.
Pain teaches us to not to repeat the same mistakes in the future.

Our society coddles itself more and more form the inevitable pain and discomfort. It teaches us to ignore our problems and seek eternal happiness. That is why most people end up living a miserable life. because the idea of eternal happiness and satisfaction is a myth.

In the result of that people keep ignoring their problems and start believing that they don’t have any and endup living a unhappy life.

People have two approaches to deal with their problems

  1. They deny their problems and delude themselves from reality. This approach can make them feel good for some time. But leads life towards insecurities, anxieties, and emotional suppression.
  2. Some people adopt a victim mentality. They believe that they can’t do anything to solve their problems and start blaming others and circumstances. It feels good for some time but can lead them towards anger, depression, and helplessness.

People deny and blame others because it feels and it’s easy. While accepting the problems and making efforts to solve it, is quite difficult. Who want to go for the hard path right? But remember H.G. wells said:

The path of least resistance is the path of the loser.

Internalize the fact that Happiness comes from solving problems. To solve the problem you must accept the problems. Confront your problems face to face. Have the courage and make an effort to deal with it.

Problems solving is a work in progress. The solution of today problem is the mother of another problem. All you can do is to choose the problems mindfully. Choose the problems that you enjoy having solving.

I have a migraine problem and I decided to upgrade this problem to a better one. And started waking up early, going for a walk, eating healthy.
Waking up early is also a problem. Right? I had to sacrifice the morning sleep. which is the best part of my good night sleep. But I love having this problem. It improved my health conditions. Waking up early and eating green is the better problem then a debilitating headache.

Hence the problem never ends they get exchanged or upgraded. Be mindful towards your problems. The kind of problems you have will be going to shape your whole life.

I wish you a good problems that add value in your life and keeps you alive.

Let me know what do you think about this topic in the comment section.

For now, signing off until next post.

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Thanks for reading | Stay happy, stay healthy.

Take care!

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