How To Be Happy And Successful By Serving Others

Most successful people create a service that is about serving others. Either they spread awareness about a problem or sell a product that makes things easier for people. Or they make them laugh and forget about their problems. These are all services designed for the main reason of benefiting or helping others.

Sometimes when we create an idea it is based on our ego.

Sometimes we go through a stage at the beginning where it is all about us. We feel our ideas are just so original people will fawn over us, our talent is so great and we will be discovered. But that is not how most things work.

Zig Ziglar once said, “You can’t get what you want until you help others get what they want.”

Then you realize it is about not yourself it is about them.

Even in industries that you might not think that this is the main point, such as Entertainment, which still provides a service to others. Or at least, the best entertainment people have also decided to be marketers that see and understand their specific audience and cater to them.

Ideas That Are Not Just For Tongue and Cheek Entertainment.

Characters and story-lines are created to relate to someone else. We relate to their issues and bond with the characters and their specific problems or situation.

So think of your products, ideas, characters, as to relate to others. What are the connections?

This is one of the essential building blocks of the customer and service-related businesses. It is a major contributing factor to building a successful concept, business.

What they are concerned about or what problem it can solve.

It is all about them.

No one pays you twenty dollars because you are special and cool and they just want to hang out with you and breathe the air around you. Well, at least not most of us. It does something for them that they want to be a part of their lives.

Keep it on the top of their minds!

Service On A Platter But Not The Actual Other Person. To serve others is the best shot we have at creating products and ideas that relate!

What is better than that in the consumer market?

And for that matter contribution and collaboration always helps to take our ideas to the next level. Work with others just thinks of it as an actor that is a part of a team whose purpose is to make the play the best. The show is more important than the individual. Making sure the team excels could be the most effective method of communication.

Don’t try to fool the consumer, patron or audience member with phony promises.

Serve their needs on a silver platter.

Just not in the same way this old tv show Twilight Zone says in the title to the episode ‘To Serve Man’. Watch the show and enjoy the punch line. Guess who is on the menu?

Make it about them and reap the benefits of the well-placed tip on their part that in many unexpected areas may show up as well.

Let me know what do you think about this topic in the comment section.

For now, signing off until next post.

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Authors bio: Edgar Rider has been working in education for over ten years first as a Substitute Teacher and then as a Para Educator. He has published articles on educational topics such as Growth Mindset, Substitute Teaching, Autism, Time Management in a classroom and how to use an Environmental Theater space.

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