What It Feels Like To Be An Introvert

Introverts often misunderstood and misinterpreted by most of the people. People consider introverts reserved, attitudinal, egoistic and what not. Because we don’t pay heed to Personality psychology. and we fail to understand how someone is different from us and why. If we accept someone for who they are, we can actually learn a lot from them. we can give support and build meaningful relationships with each other. but unfortunately, we can’t accept someone who is different from them.

I have always been a quiet and reserved person. I like to be on my own. Being surrounded by people for very long can be exhausting for me. I get anxious and nervous if I have to talk to someone unknown. Even known people can make me jumpy sometimes if I am not close to them. Do I do it on purpose? Am I a human hater? NO, I am not. I am an introvert and that’s how I function.

I have few friends. I take a very long time to get attached to new people and become comfortable around them. I know it’s important to be vocal sometimes but people need to accept the fact that everyone is different. It hurts when people judge you, consider you rude and swellheaded.

Here are some facts about me as an introvert, I wish people around me can understand.

  • I hurts when people joke about me being anti-social and humans-hater just because they cannot understand the diversity and psychology of human behaviors. 😥
  • I sometimes have to explain to people that being silent does not mean being angry, or bored, or anything negative. Please don’t misunderstand. 🙄
  • Loneliness comes to me when I feel zero connection with the people around me. It’s suffocating.😩
  • I cant watch Violent movies or anything violent . Violence of any kind is just too much for me too digest. Yes yes, I know that Its not real but still Violence disturbs my sanity😣
  • I hate small talk and feel trapped. I feel weird and fake.🙄
  • I can spot fake people very quickly just by looking into their eyes and expressions. Please Be Real, because you cant pretend in-front of me.🧐
  • I feel nervous when my phone rings or when I have to make a phone call. It’s hard. Sometimes I have to prepare myself to make a phone call from a day before 😀 . You can listen to my heart thumping while I am dialing a number. Sometimes I have to rehearse in my head what I am going to say to people. (Of course, If I am not close to that person). Yeah, I know. I am weird. 😛 ☎️
  • I feel good after a meaningful conversation about something that matters in life. 😇
  • I’ll always remember small things about people who matters to me like important dates, favorites, dislikes or anything and expect the same from you. It’s just my way to show that “you are important to me”. 🥰
  • I find inspiration in nature, reading, thinking, music or watching my favorite movies. 👩‍🌾
  • I am very observant. I pay attention to things and people around me.  It helps me to learn a lot about them. I can identify change very quickly. 😎
  • If you are gossiping, I’m not listening. I am just planning to get away from here. 😴
  • I prefer to write than speak. My words sound better coming from my hand than from my mouth. That’s why I started my blog. 📝
  • I have a little imaginary world in my brain and that’s the only place I’m comfortable. I know it’s creepy but trust me I am normal. 😉
  • Sometimes I feel jealous of people who can easily strike-up conversations with anybody. How do you do that? 😦
  • The process of making connection is too long for me; it doesn’t happen over a fortnight. It could take years for me to get close and comfortable with someone only if my heart and mind can resonate with them. I cant stand fake relationships or friendships. 💞
  • I can talk for hours about something that interests me even though I’m a introvert. 🙊
  • I am a very good listener. when someone is talking to me, I not only listen to them I try to connect with them. And I expect the same from people around me, if I am talking, listen to me, be there, ask questions, try to connect with me. If i am talking to you and you are scrolling your phone or watching TV, or showing no interest, then don’t ask me that why am I not taking to you. 😡
  • My mind is never at ease: Its cluster of song lyrics, tour to a random country, my lack of talent, my health, social issues, my looks, the economics of my country, future of my kids, my old age and what not.. My mind is chaotic mess. I over think and over analyze everything. It is a absolutely bad habit. 😨
  • I get hurt very easily. I am not saying never criticize me. But yeah whenever you do it, do it with care. Otherwise it can be hazardous for my mind and body. 😭
  • I have severe migraines. People often confuse it with headaches. Not much more than that. It’s so painful and unbearable. Read more about Migraine here so that when someone tell you that they have migraine you can be little empathetic. 🤕
  • I am anxious too. If you don’t know what it is read here it’s hard to deal with it. But the best way I have learnt is to accept. Yes, accept your anxiety. Hence because of both Migraine and Anxiety I can’t handle stress. Sometime I spend all night worrying about random things what if my building collapse. 🥴
  • Whenever I am in an uncomfortable situation, I have to fetch additional mental resources to handle the overload. This causes fatigue, anxiety, nervousness and in my case, Migraine attacks too. 🤢
  • I hate dependency of any kind. I hate asking for permission for every small thing. my heart yearn for freedom. Independence makes me feel empowered. ✌️
  • I prefer to stay at home and enjoy a good book, movies, music or bubble bath over loud bar and parties. 📚
  • I feel like choking when I am under observation. ❌

Aah.. its too much of ranting so I will stop now. If you are reading this thank you so much for tolerating me till the end.

I am grateful that I have created this blog where I can open-up and nobody will not judge me. Thank you for being so supportive.

Remember, Every body is different from one another but the acceptance is the key. Accept people for who they are.

Share your thoughts about this post in the comment section below with the #TeamIntrovert, #TeamExtrovert, or #Teamambivert and Lets see who will win 🙂

For now, signing off until next post.

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Thanks for reading | Stay happy, stay healthy.

Take care!

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