What’s happening inside the houses during a lock-down?

As the Corona Virus pandemic has hit the world, everyone is locked inside their house to save themselves from the deadly disease. After all, home is the safest place to be.

But is everybody safe inside their houses? No…

We are seeing social media posts talking about how men are helping their wives during this time of crisis. If you are doing it, it’s commendable.

Because the reality is dark.

The average Indian man spends more than 703 minutes (11 hours a day) on personal care — mostly sleeping, eating and drinking including watching TV, sports, entertaining, etc

And the worst part of this culture is glorified but mothers. You must have witnessed

Mothers celebrating the fact that their sons never lifted a glass of water in the household.

Hence COVID lockdown has burdened women with the extra workload.

It is the time when most of us is working from home. Can you imagine how hard it is for working women to balance work and household chores?

This is not just an extra workload. Some women are locked down inside their housed with monsters. These monsters are husbands and his family members.

THE National Commission of women claims the number of complaints of domestic abuse is doubled as India observing the lockdown. And this is not India, from Brazil to Germany, Italy to China, activists, and survivors say they are already seeing an alarming rise in abuse.

Can you imagine what Women are going through during this quarantine? They have no escape from their abusers, they can’t call for help because they are under surveillance 24 hours and fear being overheard by abusive partners.

police are busy enforcing the lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19

We understand there is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty in people’s minds whether they will find a job, whether there will be pay cuts, there are hardships such as in accessing food. But is this the only reason for the violence?

Not completely but yes, it can be the significant reason for this violent behavior? Because men find women an easy target to vent their anger and frustration.  It doesn’t take too much for these homes to turn violent.

Especially, In a patriarchal society like us, When there’s already so much sexism, misogyny and gas-lighting.

In India, 70% of women are victims of domestic violence. 38% of Indian men admit they have physically abused their partners. 

This is a crucial time in all aspects police is also busy in enforcing the lock-down to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Police in India’s Uttar Pradesh state, which has one of the worst track records on violence against women in the country, has launched a new domestic violence helpline as cases surge. police promised a female officer would handle each case, and police could arrest the perpetrator of any violence.

Women Helpline Domestic Abuse 181
Women Helpline ( All India ) – Women In Distress1090 / 1091

Here is the kink to the state-wise helpline numbers for those who need help: https://www.indianhelpline.com/hi/WOMEN-HELPLINE/

You can also write you complain about social media like Facebook and Twitter and tag the right person who can help like women and child development departments, NGO’s, etc.

“Suppress corona, not your voice”

For now, signing off until next post.

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