What Effect Do School Uniforms Have On Student’s Mental Health?

Ever since I was born, I wanted to be like other people, didn’t you? I wanted to have the same clothes as my friends. I wanted my dad to have the same car as them, listened to the same music as them, and wanted to own the same brand of clothes as them. But now, my opinion has changed and I believe that if everyone was the same, this amazing world would be bland, dull, and full of sadists. We could lose every aspect of individuality, creativity, and diversity. School uniforms allow these defects to take place and exist in our amazing society.

The debate that school uniforms are beneficial starts from 1984 Long Beach, California when a school there made it mandatory to wear uniforms to school. They did it because gang violence was increasing alarmingly and the district did not want students to be coming to their school in gang apparel

I say that the idea of FORCING every student to wear the same clothes as the other student is ridiculous. Every person is born different. Nobody is alike, so why should someone be allowed to make each student as similar as possible.

Nowadays, schools are trying to give the message of diversity but a school uniform being mandatory completely contradicts this statement. Seamus, a 16-year-old transgender from Ireland spoke against uniforms. He said “…sitting in blouse and shirt all day made feel insanely self-conscious. I was not taken seriously. This is outrageous and damaging to a young person’s mental health, that uniform nearly destroyed me.”

Also for parents, the children’s uniform purchasing is a huge tension. School uniform is one of the biggest annual expenses incurred by our society’s parents. They are cheaper than branded clothes but no way cheaper than normal clothes. So parents have to buy their children’s school uniforms plus home clothes, and that is financially extremely burdening for the guardians.

The school also says a very meek thing that uniforms reduce crime and bad stuff. However, they have become a source of discontent and grumpiness among students. An associate professor at Brock University, Tony Vok stated that “Overall, there is no evidence that school uniforms reduce or even support the reduction of drugs and bullying. A peer-reviewed study found out that the introduction of school uniforms in violent schools has caused an increase in the amount of misbehavior that students showed. Students tend to oppose and react when they feel like they are being dominated and get a stronger urge to break rules and get involved in prohibited activities. This feeling gets stronger and gets nurtured as the student grows older.

The pressure of uniform being perfect completely distracts the student of his studies and takes his concentration off studies. A student is not at all focused while being in a uniform. Is the tie perfect? Or has he lost his badge? Or does the white shirt have a speck of mud on the back of the shirt where he cannot see? This distracts him and he does not receive the education he is supposed to get. As an expected result, students start to bunk their classes which leads to an increase in absentees, enrollment rates, and dissatisfaction. The enrollment rates at a high school in the US had dropped to 43% since they introduced school uniforms at their school.

Many school uniforms are designed to replicate the dressing of military personnel and 9-5 job workers. As compared to a T-shirt and cargo pants, a button-down shirt and long pants can be quite uncomfortable, especially in third-world countries where the weather is hot and no ACs are provided by the school management in scorching summers. The material from which school uniforms are made is uncomfortable for young students. Wearing a coat and tie, some students may find it their duty to oppose this rule. Tie also puts extreme pressure on the neck which can result in stress and muscle pains. Whereas, normal clothing has no side effects on it.

Overall, I’ve talked about why students should not wear school uniforms. Whilst in school or college, studying is important and no dress code, so students should learn good qualities and learn to express themselves, we must achieve this feat by first giving the students what they want to wear at school.

For now, signing off until next post.

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