Everyday Routines For A Sound Mental Health

We all recognize that self-care is an essential part of staying well, both mentally and physically. But family, work and obligations to others often get the precedence over our own personal health.

Embracing self-care into daily life, particularly where mental health is affected, can shift the locus without taking away from everything else. The bottom line is, having an everyday routine that keeps you mentally sane, helps.

Get Yourself a Routine

Exercising, writing lists, reflecting, and general self-care won’t occur if you’re pressing in the fly’s activities. Alternatively, create a routine.

For some people, that involves waking up early in the morning, while others favor taking care of things during their lunch hour or even before going to bed. The point of the whole process is to come up with a routine that serves you and can ultimately become habitual, mechanical, and automatic.

Write Down Lists

Write more useful lists. Rather than dashing something off on the back of a receipt, be uniform both in when you write your lists and where you write them.

Then learn how to write useful lists. Filling them up with every minute thing can start to become overwhelming. Instead, what you can do is think of what you require to get done and question yourself what could be the first step in getting it done. Write all that down on your list and restrict yourself to only three things a day.

Stretch in the Morning

Stretching always feels good, and doing it first thing in the morning can give you the kick you need in the morning.

Stretching any time of day is obviously good for your mind, and also for your muscles. Even just stretching at regular intervals can grow your brain — always a good thing for mental health.

Make Mornings Easy

Cracking the alarm to get a few extra moments of sleep seems helpful and nice at the time. Still, the returns are modest and can even make for a more disturbing (and discouraging) morning.

Alternately, allow yourself to get up with enough time to take things gently in the morning. So, take a cup of coffee back to bed, where you can drink it while you listen to music or read.

Listen to Music

Music is a psychic health boost, as long as it’s the tune you like. Discover ways to include more music into your daily life.

For some, music helps to concentrate, for others, it impairs their ability to concentrate. So, it helps to know what works best for you and get in more tunes whenever possible.


Meditation is all the (brain-boosting, calming) heat, and for a good reason. Plenty of researches shows it’s helpful to physical and mental health.

Recent research even found that those in average age who meditated for less than 30 minutes every day had the mental age of 25-year-olds. Be sure to add some type of meditative habit in your regular mental health cycle.

Eat Colorful Vegetables

Eating colorful vegetables is now more available than ever. It has been linked to better mental health outcomes, especially if those vegetables are raw.

You can always find the vegetables you like, steam them lightly (assuming you can’t eat them raw), and go for sauces or dips that make them maximally edible and enjoyable to you.

Take Red Light Therapy

Light therapy for mental health has been in everyday use for a long time now. It is recommended by both specialists in the field and by the people who use it.

It works by displaying controlled rays of light, by which a lot of skin diseases can be solved. Moreover, it has a direct effect on the physical and mental health of people who use it.

Research shows that people who regularly took red light therapy had better mental health than those who didn’t. So, if you want to try something unconventional to boost your mental health, this is the way to go.

Get Sufficient Sleep

Sleep cannot be overlooked, no matter what. It is plausibly the most critical part of your routine. So, no matter what is in your daily routine to be mentally better, this should top the priority list.

Getting at least eight hours of sleep on most nights is the solution to living a healthy and long life. Often business and other obligations get in the way of our bedtimes, or worse, force us out of bed before we’re ready. But building a night routine that gets you sufficient sleep can be a game-changer.

Incorporate Exercise

Researchers have found that exercise decreases anxiety, depression, and negative moods while also keeping you healthy and fit. But doing exercise a regular thing can be a hurdle. So, find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Practice Thankfulness

Expressing gratitude and practicing gratitude can feel forced and corny at first. But studies show that, when done periodically, it raises your mood and mental well-being.

Your appreciation doesn’t have to be pretentious or even open to the public. But scribbling down three things you’re thankful for once a day should be good enough.

Try Something Fun and Exciting

Doing anything fun can go far when trying to reduce stress and depression, while also trying to boost mental health.

The American Suicide Foundation suggests finding something fun and exciting to do every day. You can define what fun can be, so it can be big or small. Just remember to not make it a chore and do what comes from your heart.

Always Sit Straight

Sitting up straight is one of those enduring things you can combine to your regular mental health routine. It’s continued to show in studies to assist with feelings of stress and anxiety. It also makes you more confident.

Do Something New

Trying something unconventional or new is an excellent way to take care of your brain. You don’t also have to stick with it!

You can find methods to feel and do new things: Take classes, study another language, learn handiwork from YouTube videos, walk in a different park, rearrange the furniture, and take a different route to work.

For now, signing off until next post.

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