Micro-Influencer: A new trend in Influence Marketing

Our average day begins with checking out the social media sites. For many it is Instagram for others it may be Facebook or Snap-chat. When big companies look at these opportunities, they are not at all easy to lose these opportunities to create a good marketing place.

So to take the maximum advantage of marketing over the social media platforms these companies tend to collaborate with the creators who have a decent fanbase and great engagement with their followers making the niche market easier to reach.

The creators who have a small number of followers with great engagement are generally known as the micro-influencers.

According to Google the basic meaning of micro-influencer is as the following “A creator having around 1,000 to maybe around 10,000 followers having an expert knowledge belonging to a very particular niche and having the power to influence the followers that he may have”

Now a very important question arises: Why are the micro-influencers more important than that of a normal influencer with many more followers and fanbase?

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The answer to the above question is that having surety when you have a product to be marketed you would like to be sure that you get maximum engagement and tend to be more revenue-generating then that of the bigger influencers.

It is estimated that having around 1000 followers that the engagement towards the brand is around 85% and that number keeps on decreasing as the number of the followers increases, the reason behind this is that people tend to have a more diversified follower base as the number of followers keeps on increasing.

Benefits of having the micro-influencer brand collaborations are:

Better Reach:

Since the micro-influencers tend to have a very particular niche they tend to grow a better response and have a dedicated fan base that are always open to the new suggestions and innovations in the market making the complete procedure much more engaging and widespread in nature and also ensures that more interested people are marketed the product rather than open marketing.

Reaching the Niche:

As mentioned in the above points that every micro-influencer tends to have a very particular dedicated niche that makes the complete process of marketing very closed and product-centric, such as marketing a new chainsaw the carpenters and so making the appropriate market aware about a new product launch in the game.


Since the market reach of the influencer is sure but small the amount of money paid can be bargained to be lesser than a bigger influencer hence the smaller micro-influencers are affordable and much more approachable than others.

This affordability factor makes marketing cheaper with more sure outcomes of the process. It is considered the new way through which more amount of gains and followers of the brand can be maintained with the minimum use of the money.

This makes the availability of more resources at a cheaper rate and allows the brand to focus more on production rather on marketing since the product is marketed directly to the niche that they deal with.

Now if you are wanting to make big in the micro-influencer market you should know “which companies tend to invest in this market?”.

The companies that tend to make investment in this market are the product based companies running a B2C model or as known the business to consumer model.

The best examples of these companies are the companies that directly produce products for the consumers like beauty product companies, tech companies making hardware products and so.

Since these brands directly appeal to the consumer base the amount of reach is important for them. Making the increased reach puts them over their competitors in the market.

What to do when wanting to become a good Micro-Influencer?

There are mainly two key aspects of becoming a good micro-influencer that is having the perfect categorization or niche and having a good engagement.

Having the perfect Niche:

Do not try and get into a new niche, try and understand what you are good at and would like to make content about all day long for the rest of your life and make good quality content over the particular niche making the process more interesting for you and also for the followers.

Having good quality content along with the great knowledge of the niche is also important because having more quality content will keep ahead of others and also indulge the followers to have interest in your content as well.

When quality content meets good knowledge the result keeps the followers always hooked on the account, wanting to know more and consume more of the content, making the followers base of the creator more loyal and dedicated to the content creator over time.

Engaging with the followers:

Engaging with followers is one of the most important works in modern times making the complete procedure indulging and personal to the followers, people like when the creators they admire are among them and keep interacting with them.

Making the followers feel special and indulged in the accounts makes sure that people are intended to keep visiting your account again and again, and also remember to follow you and recommend to other friends and family having similar interests and hobbies, increasing both the engagement as well as the follower base of your account with like-minded people.


Micro bloggers are the influential people over the social media having somewhere close 1,000 to 10,000 followers over the internet and following a very particular and dedicated niche.

These people are the best to market the products and are directed to sell the products directly to the consumer and don’t require other procedures in between.

Companies tend to market with them because they are more approachable, affordable, and also have higher return value to the company.

To become big in the Micro-influencers you need to keep two things in mind which are finding the best niche that suits you and also having the engagement with the followers in the market which ensures the growth of the account over time. 

Author’s Bio: Nitin Nair is an Editor at Social Mirror. He is a passionate blogger and loves to read stuff about Designing and Photography. In his free time, Nitin Nair loves to shoot classic clicks from his smartphone. Mobile Photography is his hobby.

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