Signs of Equality in Marriage

1. You are each other’s biggest cheerleader.

2. If you are having a bad day, your partner should pamper you accompanied by some prep talk.

3. He cooks you clean, or the other way around. You don’t believe or practice traditional gender roles.

4. You both can speak freely to each other about anything, anytime and most importantly you listen to each other. You can feel each other’s pain.

5. You are genuinely interested in each other’s opinions. And respect your partner for who they are. Do not force them to change for you or anyone in your family.

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6. You share everything. You are one unit in this marriage.

7. You respect each other’s family and loved ones.

8. You prioritize your partner over anyone else.

9. If someone is disrespecting your partner, you should not watch silently. Take stand.

10. Do not hesitate to show love and respect towards your partner in front of anyone this your marriage. Do not put in on the back butter for anyone else.

What is your opinion is this topic? Equality in marriages is rare in India. Actually, it’s not even existing in my opinion.

For now, signing off until the next post.

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