Why do we need more women leaders in the workplace

The space of leadership in the organization is changing. We are seeing more women transforming the organization and making their mark in the industry. Though this is gradual progress, we still need to understand why we need more women leaders in the organizational setup.

Out of the Fortune 500 CEOs in the world, only 8.2% percent comprise women. The reason is that people and teams in the organization have never perceived women to have the relational intelligence to lead a team.

But slowly, women are stepping up and gaining the trust of their team members and clients with confidence and clear-cut communications.

They are widening their professional circles by improving their leadership styles and knowledge; whether it is at the mid- or senior level of their career.

Lets understand the importance of having women leaders in the organization

Understanding gender nuance

The reason why we need more women leaders in companies is that they have an understanding of gender nuances. Women understand women; therefore the products and the services of the organization will cater to the needs of women and solve gender problems. 

Better organizational policies 

Most organizational policies do cater to the female perspective of women employees who are present in the organization. Aspects of period leaves, pregnancy leaves, hiring of women with disabilities, and even acid attack victims can take place only when women take up senior leadership roles in organizations.

Inclusion of women

Many organizations have a stigma against hiring diverse talents. Women who identify themselves as non-binary individuals, single mothers, women with children. Women leaders are valued to be more empathetic, hence, they make sure the team has a diverse pool of women talent.

Better management of finance

People think women cannot manage money. But, in reality, they have a stronger acumen to handle money and finances better. They handle the financial resources of their family, and similarly, of the organization. Women leaders know how to save resources of the organization, manage funding and investments, and prevent unnecessary expenses.

Reduce gender pay gap

When women take up senior leadership roles of CFO, CEO, and HR Heads; they also ensure that the gender pay gap is reduced in the organization. They take the initiative to restructure the salary and payroll system in the organization, making sure employees get salaries based on their capabilities and not gender.

Safety of employees

Under the regime of male leaders, many times inappropriate gestures and sexual misogynistic behavior is ignored. It is normalized like any other casual behavior. Because of these reasons, when sexual harassment takes place, employees often hesitate to report such cases of unwarranted behaviors. With women leaders and their empathetic temperament, employees are assured of their safety at the workplace and know that their grievances will be heard by the senior management of the organization.

Ensure a work-life balance of employees

Women leaders understand that between managing work and household chores; employees often lose out on having some time for themselves. Therefore, they ensure that the organization allows annual leaves and retreats along with proper working hours so that the work-life balance of the employees does not get hampered.

Women leaders can grow their organization and their own abilities. Yes, sometimes they feel confused and underconfident to showcase their true potential as leaders, but with proper leadership training, coaching, and opportunities they can transform the organization with their leadership abilities.

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